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Heck: Beyond the Lines

It’s ridiculous, I know, to suggest the squiggly lines of a comic can make you cry. Or that a story about a man and his mummy investigating a basement gateway to Hell can make you question your identity. [Read More]


Facing Absence

In those days, Grandpa’s bakery was my safe haven. Every morning I would wake up early, and slip down stairs to fall into the kitchens, full of flour dust and the smell of rising bread. [Read More]

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  • Watt ChildressWatt Childress on Politics and Generation YThanks for this excellent piece of writing, Tevan. Seems like just yesterday your dad and I played proud papas of
  • Roan Childress on Facing AbsenceI'm glad you enjoyed my piece! To answer your question: this was simply a school assignment. I may come back
  • Dorothy in Seattle on Facing AbsenceRoan, I loved your story. You pulled me in right away, so that I wanted to know more about each
  • Jodi on Facing AbsenceRoan, I agree with Rabbi Bob that this story is like a pincushion, bristling with potential for a novel. Yet
  • Rabbi BobRabbi Bob on Facing AbsenceGreat story, Roan!! Give us some context - is this a chapter in a book, a short story, something exclusively
  • Gregory Zschomler on Turkey LurkeyThanks Vera. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Vera Haddan on Turkey LurkeyI love your Turkey Lurkey story; in a never make friends with your food sort of way.

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