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Kesey’s Coastal Trip: A Field Guide to the Addled Earth

Ken Kesey, the man himself, loomed large during my Eugene years – an elder prankster, still generating a buzz and mild mischief around almost every worthwhile corner. To me, he seemed nearly as venerable, nearly as emblematic of the town’s gestalt and vibe, as the very university buildings that he ambled past – a man just as steeped in his place as the place was steeped in him. Read More

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  • Rabbi BobRabbi Bob on HauntedThat was funny indeed! The trademark on Robitussin is great! Happy Halloween!
  • bpofhv on Magic on the NecanicumThis description made me want to join the writer at his window and calm my soul.
  • Rick BonnRick Bonn on Poem for IraqThis is kinda startling, spellbounding-beautiful: Vision to see what was, is, could be... not what's hammered by media blacksmiths into
  • Rick BonnRick Bonn on Magic on the NecanicumI saw some of these leaping fish yesterday across from Seaside High School on the bay side. It was frustrating,
  • Rick BonnRick Bonn on We the Small…Fall (Short Fiction)I look forward to your SciFi short story, Margaret (hopefully soon to appear on Upper Left Edge). It should be
  • Rick BonnRick Bonn on Playing With Fire (Short Fiction)"Luminous language," -- wish I'd written that! :)
  • Rick BonnRick Bonn on The Death Seeker (Short Fiction)Thank you, Margaret, your response is so beautifully written it humbles me. And makes me think I must be a

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