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Fall 2014 ULE

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  • Gregory Zschomler on HauntedAll good childhoods have a haunted house story, don't you think? This was based on a true story (up to
  • Gregory Zschomler on HauntedThanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy haunts to you as well.
  • Margaret Hammitt-McDonaldMargaret Hammitt-McDonald on HauntedThanks for the spine-chilling story with the unexpectedly hilarious ending, Gregory. It reminded me of the creepy house my brother
  • Rabbi BobRabbi Bob on HauntedThat was funny indeed! The trademark on Robitussin is great! Happy Halloween!
  • bpofhv on Magic on the NecanicumThis description made me want to join the writer at his window and calm my soul.
  • Rick BonnRick Bonn on Poem for IraqThis is kinda startling, spellbounding-beautiful: Vision to see what was, is, could be... not what's hammered by media blacksmiths into
  • Rick BonnRick Bonn on Magic on the NecanicumI saw some of these leaping fish yesterday across from Seaside High School on the bay side. It was frustrating,

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